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The Step-by-Step Process for Over-achievers, to regain energy and get back into the driving seat their lives, (even if you're a walking zombie!).

Imagine this

In 30 days from now, you are sitting under a tree in a park, feeling the breeze on your face, and basking in the sun.

You are completely focused on this moment.

It’s like the world just stopped and gave you a break.

You are brimming with energy.

Your head isn’t whirling like a spinning top.

The list’s plans, dreams, worries, duties, stresses, and all those “what if’s” are dead in the water.

You are like a lightning rod on charge!

The machine driving the obsessive worry, the one that keeps track of the tireless achievement record is inactive.

The hand on your back that is on constant push mode is dismembered.

The hamster has stopped spinning on its wheel and is taking a nap.

The energy you so dearly crave has no where to go but back to you!

You are feeling alive in every muscle.

Hallelujah you have earned this! The stop gap you need.

It’s the re-fill that seemed like a distant dream.

You have uncovered the golden moment, the well of all replenishment.

You are turning the tide on utter burnout.

It's the greatest feeling in the world.

I know because I’ve been there!

My name is Hanna Ehlers-Bond M.A.

I am an accredited Psychotherapist and Psychological Coach.

I have helped hundreds of people with their personal transformations.

I am an expert at helping people through crash to clarity.

I have been leading workshops and courses for thirteen years.

I run a super busy private practice, empowering individuals to conquer their mental health struggles, improve self-esteem, overcome trauma, and end generations of anxiety and depression.

Most crucially, I give you the tools to restore your physical health because of these deep psychological changes and the tried and tested inner strategies that work!

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See what some of my clients say...

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It does't have to take forever to beat burnout! You can turn the tide on your fatigue, and a state of crash, very quickly.

You just need the right formula!

See, when I hit my own brick wall, I had no mentor to tell me what was happening.

I collected some good resources along the way, but I had to become my own coach.

That's why I know that your burnout is a message just crying to be heard.

You could say, I am a “Chronic Fatigue Know-it-all!” and a “Zen Master for over-achievers!” You folks just show up at my door.

That’s because I have lived through burnout myself, and one of these phases actually turned into a crash so big, I couldn’t get out of it for a long while.

Learn from my mistakes and cut out the years of suffering

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Almost ten years ago, my life dove off a cliff.

I went from a state of feeling on top - having just finished my masters in psychotherapy, with a successful self-employed business and a pending relocation to USA with my new husband, to the hardest years of my life.

I just broke in two.

My mental health was in taters, and I had a body that would not play ball.

The only thing I knew to do was push through, but it was not working.

I could not walk more than 50 metres, and my husband had to wash my hair once a week and do everything else in the home.

He would carry me up the stairs of the apartment so I could get driven somewhere in the car.

Eventually I was diagnosed with ME/CFS and later Fibromyalgia and POTS.

Yet, I knew that I was not medically sick. My adrenals were empty, but no diagnosis was going to fix that! I had to find my own way to get well.

What happened next was the best thing!

I found myself.

I found life skills.

I came to understand my personality and my journey and why I ended up in this mess.

I healed my scared little child, integrated the stuff that had been tucked out of sight, revised my coping mechanisms.

I found self-worth just for being me and made a promise that I’d never do things in the same way again.

The insights I gained, the inner work I did, paved the way for a deep period of bonding with myself.

It was not just one thing that led to recovery, it was a series of factors.

It’s like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.

My energy grew with each new tool I found and integrated.

Baby steps turned into a whole new horizon.

Nine years later, I am not the same person that I was!

Then something I never imagined happened.

I went from housebound, to having a successful therapy business once more, and resuming an active happy life.

The wheelchair got thrown out!

I completed a Channel Swim Challenge, swimming a total off 22 miles in under 12 weeks.

I did a 100ft freefall from a trapdoor, and had some crazy adventures hiking in Iceland.

But the best bit was, people with similar experiences just started showing up.

I was now helping other people through their dark days, out of burnout, exhaustion, or worse, complete life crash.

Results were happening, and people were coming away with the groundwork to get better.

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I achieved transformation with a step by step formula and people keep wanting to know how I did it and the good thing was, I realised it didn't have to take all that time!

My recovery took a long time, but I now know I could have done it so much faster. I had an A-ha moment when I realised what I had actually done to get back up. I had reclaimed my life and energy, making it better than before, which even made me more successful to top it off!

The journey can be accelerated massively when you use my own wisdom.

There are trends around why people get burnout, and guess what they are all very similar reasons. When you know how to treat these things, and what resolves it the solution arrives.

There are two main strategies that must be in place to get well and stop crashing for good!

What I will be teaching you are these massive life changing componants:

Step 1 - How to do your "Inner Bonding" (the best strategy ever, for tackling what life throws at you, whilst staying resilient).

Step 2 - How to change your relationship with your body for good, so that even if you can't stop being busy or change the stuff in your life that you have to get done, that you can still bank energy.

After all, doesn't every burnt out, busy, over-achieving, compassionate, over-sensiti